Insurance Coverage for Your Restaurant

The legal responsibilities of food and beverage service businesses are rather unique. On top of liability and property concerns, owners face risks related to food safety, liquor sales, etc. At Tabak Insurance Agency, restaurateurs can get the protection they need from a company with industry expertise.


Types of Restaurant Insurance Coverage

General liability

Protects business owners in the case that a third party (e.g., a customer or vendor) brings a claim against them for things like property damage, injury, negligence, and libel.

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Property insurance

Covers losses related to income, crime, equipment damage, food contamination, certain weather, and other kinds of damage to business property.

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Business owners policy (BOP)

An overarching insurance policy that contains all necessary coverage types and which can be customized to suit the needs of the business.

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Errors and omissions (E&O)

Protects businesses against claims of loss due to professional error. A claim that a catering company failed to perform as promised would fall under E&O coverage.

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Liquor liability

Protects businesses from being liable for certain actions of individuals who become intoxicated by drinking alcohol served or sold in your establishment (e.g., drunk driving). Actual coverage may vary by state and policy.

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Worker’s compensation

Provides financial compensation to employees who have been injured or made ill at work. Worker’s comp covers lost wages and medical costs, protecting the employer from negligence lawsuits.

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Directors and officers (D&O)

Protects businesses if an executive is sued individually for wrongdoing at work. If a joint-owner of a bar is sued for something he did as a bartender, D&O insurance would protect the other owner and the business itself.

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Who Needs Restaurant Insurance?

Any business that serves food or beverages needs to be protected with restaurant insurance. This includes restaurants, food delivery services, bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, and any other business that handles food or drinks as part of its amenities.


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Get Affordable, Reliable Coverage from Tabak Insurance Agency

We’re proud to offer a variety of great benefits to business owners in the food and beverage service industry:

  • Experienced insurance agents

Our expert agents have the knowledge to determine exactly what you need in a policy and answer even the most specific and unusual questions.

  • Great customer service

We’ll walk you through every step, from determining your liability obligations to adding additional coverage to existing policies.

  • Affordable insurance premiums

We’ll help you get the right coverage at the right restaurant insurance cost. Our competitive premiums allow you to protect your business without draining your budget—great news for first-time business owners.

  • Fast quotes and simple application process

Ready to get covered? Simply submit your information via our online form, and we’ll send you a quote. When you’re ready to sign, we can have your policy set up and active within 24 hours!


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