Maryland Bar Insurance

At Tabak Insurance Agency, our highly trained specialists can accurately evaluate your business and get the most effective and affordable bar insurance in Maryland. We’ll make sure you get the coverage that meets your needs as well as the state’s specific requirements for establishments that serve alcohol.

Whether you are a small tavern down on main street or opening a franchise for one of the most popular chains of sports bars, we can work with your business to find the most comprehensive plan at a great price.

What Type of Coverage Does Your Bar Need?

There are several types of insurance that a bar owner may need in this state. The most common of which include:

Liquor liability coverage – This is essential for any establishment that serves alcohol to the public. Make sure that you are covered in case of injury claims resulting from, slips, falls, bar fights, and other incidents that stem from intoxication.

Commercial property insurance – Protect your physical establishment in case of damage from an alcohol-related event.

General liability insurance – This is a generalized category that covers many third-party claims.

Your coverage will, of course, depend on your individual circumstances, and we may recommend different policies for a bar in a restaurant than we might for one in a nightclub. So, be sure to speak to one of specialists to determine what you really need.

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Don’t wait to get the coverage that your bar really needs. We will look closely at your business to determine your risk exposure and then search every opportunity to improve your coverage while minimizing premium costs.

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