DC Bar Insurance

At Tabak Insurance Agency, we can help you protect your establishment with cost-effective DC bar insurance. Our specialists are trained to perform detailed assessments of your current risk exposure so we can recommend the very best coverage for your business.

We have decades of experience working exclusively with bars just like yours. We are focused on the hospitality industry, and we have the kind of insider information it takes to navigate the local regulations while discovering every opportunity to lower your premiums while improving your coverage.

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Do You Have the Right Coverage?

There are many incidents that can impact your ability to keep your business running, but if you have the right insurance coverage, you can bounce back from almost anything.

Bars in DC also have a number of regulations that must be met, so when you work with us, our specialists may recommend:

Liquor Liability Insurance – This is the first priority for any establishment that serves alcohol to the public. The goal here is to protect your business in case of intoxication-related incidents, such as slips, falls, fights, and even drunk driving. Our agents will help you understand exactly what is covered and what is not.

General Liability Insurance – This form of insurance is for many third-party claims, such as property damage, negligence, injuries, and more. It can cover many unexpected situations.

Commercial Property Insurance – Protect your building against damages, whether it is from a natural disaster or an aggressive bar fight.

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We specialize in providing online or phone quotes as quickly as possible. Our specialists will help you understand all your options, unavoidable costs, and potential liabilities so you can get the coverage you need. We make it easy to get the ball rolling in 24 hours or less.

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