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How Other World Events Affect Insurance Rates

How Other World Events Affect Insurance Rates Many business owners find it challenging enough to get the right restaurant and bar insurance just based on the risk factors that are directly related to their location and activities. Most of us…

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What Is the Right Insurance Type for Your Needs?

What Is the Right Insurance Type for Your Needs? Restaurant, bar, and nightclub owners have to budget very carefully to ensure that their needs are met while they remain profitable. This is particularly true when we’re talking about the type…

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Forecasting Rising Insurance Rates

The entire country saw restaurants take a giant hit during 2020 because of the pandemic. Workers had to be laid off or furloughed while restaurants and bars were shut down. Even businesses who found creative ways to keep their food…

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Does Your Bar Have a Security System? Bar Business Insurance Says It Should.

While your state and local governments may or may not require your establishment to have certain security systems, it’s almost a given that you can’t get good bar insurance without them. Does your bar have a reliable system? Do you…

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Updating Your Old Restaurant May Lead to Lower Insurance Premiums

Running a restaurant is hard work. There are menus to write and adjust, inventory to manage, and the business side of operations is a lot of paperwork and money management. A restaurant owner is always trying to balance costs with…

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Overcrowded Nightclubs Lead to Insurance Headaches

One thing that bonds people on the weekends is a nightclub. The lights, music, and meeting up with friends is the perfect way to unwind after a long week. Those who own nightclubs are thrilled by this activity because it…

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Liquor Liability Insurance for Festival

Choosing the Right Bar Insurance for Your Needs

There are several unique risks that bar owners face when they run their business. While restaurants and nightclubs do have to deal with many of the same situations, it’s always going to be a little different for a bar or…

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Amidst the Summer Heat, Restaurant Insurance is Key To Keeping Cool

We’re in the midst of summer and people are heading indoors to keep cool and enjoy new freedoms as mask restrictions are lifted across the U.S.. While patrons head into your bars and restaurants to keep cool, it’s key for…

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5 Signs You Need to Change your Bar Insurance Company

As your bar grows and develops, you need an insurance company that can keep up. There are a lot of risks associated with running your own establishment, and a lot of things could happen to your bar that you never…

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Everything You Need to Know about Restaurant Liability in Atlanta

Atlanta is, without a doubt, a city for foodies. According to Atlanta’s website, you can find: More than 12,000 restaurants 10 AAA Diamond-rated restaurants 15 James Beard Award-winning restaurants 37 Bib Gourmand winners 381 dog-friendly restaurants What does this all…

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