Amidst the Summer Heat, Restaurant Insurance is Key To Keeping Cool

We’re in the midst of summer and people are heading indoors to keep cool and enjoy new freedoms as mask restrictions are lifted across the U.S.. While patrons head into your bars and restaurants to keep cool, it’s key for…

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5 Signs You Need to Change your Bar Insurance Company

As your bar grows and develops, you need an insurance company that can keep up. There are a lot of risks associated with running your own establishment, and a lot of things could happen to your bar that you never…

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Everything You Need to Know about Restaurant Liability in Atlanta

Atlanta is, without a doubt, a city for foodies. According to Atlanta’s website, you can find: More than 12,000 restaurants 10 AAA Diamond-rated restaurants 15 James Beard Award-winning restaurants 37 Bib Gourmand winners 381 dog-friendly restaurants What does this all…

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Do Restaurants Need Insurance?

Whether you’re opening a new establishment or re-examining your options as a long-time fixture in the community, the question of restaurant insurance is going to come up sooner rather than later. Any business in the hospitality industry – restaurants, bars,…

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COVID Restaurant Rules in Colorado

Do you remember when the state’s regulations for running your establishment was as simple as carrying the right Colorado bar insurance or restaurant insurance and following some simple guidelines for hygiene and cleanliness? That may seem like a distant memory…

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Liability for Restaurants During COVID

One of the hardest hit sectors during COVID has been the restaurant industry. While many have had to close their doors, others have had to cut back on staff and reinvent how they run daily operations. the changing guidelines and…

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How COVID Has Affected the Hospitality Industry

For many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic started as a short, forced break. However, this year has shown that everything changes and adapting became a normal mantra. The industry that has been impacted the most is the hospitality industry. Everything from…

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Fully Cooked Salmon and Asparagus Dinner

Food Safety 101

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 6 Americans gets sick from food poisoning each year—a sobering statistic for those who own and work in restaurants.1  Although restaurant insurance is a great way to obtain protection…

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waiter pointing menu to customer

How to Know if You’re Paying Too Much for Insurance

Owning your own business involves many costs. Because so many bar and restaurant owners operate with a tight budget and can’t possibly predict when they’ll be busy, they often wonder whether money could be saved by reducing their commercial insurance…

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bar patron in handcuffs

The Right Way to Handle Unruly Guests at Your Nightclub

Your nightclub is meant to be a place where patrons come to have a good time. While the majority of your patrons will enjoy your establishment in a responsible manner, others may behave in a way that causes problems for…

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