Fully Cooked Salmon and Asparagus Dinner

Food Safety 101

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 6 Americans get sick from food poisoning each year—a sobering statistic for those who own and work in restaurants.1  Although restaurant insurance is an effective way to protect your business from…

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waiter pointing menu to customer

Are You Paying Too Much for Restaurant and Bar Insurance?

When you own a business, you’re going to have to deal with many different costs, including a variety of insurance policies. Because so many bar and restaurant owners operate with a tight budget and can’t possibly predict when the budget…

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bar patron in handcuffs

The Right Way to Handle Unruly Guests at Your Nightclub

Your nightclub is meant to be a place where patrons come to have a good time. While the majority of your patrons will enjoy your establishment in a responsible manner, others may behave in a way that causes problems for…

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happy restaurant owner standing outside of his restaurant

Guide to Opening Your First Restaurant

Opening your first restaurant can be very exciting, and it can also feel overwhelming. Beginning any business requires plenty of consideration, and a restaurant is no different. The planning you do now will be the key to your restaurant business…

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Female cashier giving receipt working in cafe

Guide to Hiring Quality Servers and Bartenders

As an establishment that serves food and drink to customers, you have to ensure the right staff is there to serve them. Without this staff, the customer experience you provide could actually be increasing your restaurant insurance cost. In order…

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chef preparing a meal with various vegetables

Most Common Restaurant Kitchen Accidents

In this country, restaurants and the staff they employ can be found everywhere. While this can spell good news for diners and those seeking employment, it also means that accidents in restaurants occur quite frequently, forcing victims to seek compensation…

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restaurant stove burner flame

The Avoidable Menace of Kitchen Fires

When you’re running a restaurant or commercial kitchen, it can be easy to get bogged down in the details. With so many variables to consider, like food costs, labor, location, advertising, and the tedious minutiae of paperwork and permits, it…

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man at architecture firm

When Nature Takes Aim: The Importance of Having Small Business Property Insurance

You have a wonderful idea and decide to open your own business. You’ve prepared; you’re aware that you need to register your business, and you know you need a business bank account. You may even already have a small business…

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drinks in jars

Six Instances Where Host Liquor Liability Insurance Can Save the Day

There are different types of insurance protection that businesses need to be aware of when it comes to liquor liability insurance. Most businesses might believe that this type of liability insurance is only required by businesses that manufacture, distribute, sell,…

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restaurant liability insurance average cost

Do Franchised Restaurants Have the Same Insurance Plan?

Restaurant liability is a complicated topic, and it can be somewhat intimidating for new restaurant owners. First, you need to figure out what insurance you need, and then you need to figure out which insurance is best. Depending on what…

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