Does Your Bar Have a Security System? Bar Business Insurance Says It Should.

While your state and local governments may or may not require your establishment to have certain security systems, it’s almost a given that you can’t get good bar insurance without them. Does your bar have a reliable system? Do you…

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waiter pointing menu to customer

Updating Your Old Restaurant May Lead to Lower Insurance Premiums

Running a restaurant is hard work. There are menus to write and adjust, inventory to manage, and the business side of operations is a lot of paperwork and money management. A restaurant owner is always trying to balance costs with…

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Overcrowded Nightclubs Lead to Insurance Headaches

One thing that bonds people on the weekends is a nightclub. The lights, music, and meeting up with friends is the perfect way to unwind after a long week. Those who own nightclubs are thrilled by this activity because it…

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Liquor Liability Insurance for Festival

Choosing the Right Bar Insurance for Your Needs

There are several unique risks that bar owners face when they run their business. While restaurants and nightclubs do have to deal with many of the same situations, it’s always going to be a little different for a bar or…

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